Neon War Dragons

This is a new information site for the War Dragons mobile game by Pocket Gems.

Useful external links

Zami's Spreadsheet vault

Found on the forums, Zami's vault is a massive collection of tools, resources, and references. Some highlights are:

  • Fortification planner
  • Event chest drops
  • Event history - also predicts the upcoming events
  • Event prizes - includes historic changes
  • Atlas speadsheets - information on primarchs, gear, and infrastructure
Chest sequences

These sequences can help predict chest drops. Note that drops change for every event, and that these threads won't get updated every time. Silver gets updated every event where interesting runes like ammo are included, others are more incidental, depending on data supplied.

Trading post analysis

Ever since the trading post made it's appearance, I've been doing an analysis of the value of the offers. These don't have too much use when the trading post is gone so they're mostly here for historic comparison value.

Fieryxfury's YouTube channel is loaded with informative videos about all sorts of game mechanics, as well as seasonal dragon review. An excellent resource for those who like to listen rather than just read.