Howl of the Underworld

Color: White
Description: Alternates between an area-of-effect tower debuff, health stealing, and single target damage.
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Pitiless Wail

Color: White
Description: Deals damage to buildings nearby and reduces their damage for entire fight
Cost: 2 rage
Max times usable: 100
Cooldown: 4s
Size: 80 (centered on dragon)
Damage: 3.8% of modified HP
Hits disabled towers: yes
Tower damage reduced by: 30%
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Ancient Fury

Color: White
Description: Gains Rage but slows regen rate. Gain health on building destruction.
Cost: 1 rage
Max times usable: 100
Duration: 4s
Cooldown: 4s
Healing: 20% of modified HP
Rage gained: 2
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Violent Frenzy

Color: White
Description: Fires a projectile that destroys an automatically chosen tower.
Cost: 1 rage
Max times usable: 100
Cooldown: 4s
Range: 100
Size: 19.0 (targeted area)
Target priority: view
  1. Red Mage Tower
  2. Red Archmage Tower
  3. Blue Mage Tower
  4. Blue Archmage Tower
  5. Crystal Howitzer
  6. Drakul Pylon
  7. Dark Flak Tower
  8. Fire Flak Tower
  9. Ice Flak Tower
  10. Electro-Flak Tower
  11. Earth Flak Tower
  12. Cosmic Orrery
  13. Seagazer Perch (first)
  14. Riverwatch Perch (second)
  15. Stonespear Perch (third)
  16. Storm Tower
  17. Ice Turret
  18. Fire Turret
  19. Archer Tower
  20. Cannon Tower
  21. Trebuchet
  22. Lightning Tower
  23. Ballista
  24. Dark Totem
  25. Earth Totem
  26. Fire Totem
  27. Ice Totem
  28. Wind Totem
  29. Sheep Farm
  30. Lumber Mill
  31. Dragons Den