Desperate Stand

Color: Passive
Description: Gain the Fading Reserves spell from the last tower your dragon destroyed.

Stolen spells

Archer Tower, Ballista, Blue Archmage Tower, Blue Mage Tower, Cannon Tower, Charged Volt Tower, Cosmic Orrery, Crystal Howitzer, Dark Flak Tower, Dark Totem, Drakul Pylon, Earth Flak Tower, Earth Totem, Electro-Flak Tower, Fire Flak Tower, Fire Totem, Fire Turret, Ice Flak Tower, Ice Totem, Ice Turret, Lightning Tower, Lumber Mill, Oculus Tower, Red Archmage Tower, Red Mage Tower, Riverwatch Perch (second), Seagazer Perch (first), Sheep Farm, Stonespear Perch (third), Storm Tower, Trebuchet, Wind Totem, ArcherTowerBoss, ArcherTowerBossNDE, BallistaBoss, CannonTowerBoss, CannonTowerBossNDE, FireTurretBoss, IceTurretBoss, OrbTowerBossNDE, TrebuchetBoss