Legendary Rune of Ancestry

Slot: Dragon Rune
Rarity: Legendary
Level Rune dust Primary ability Secondary ability
1 0 Rage Generation: +5.1% Increase Sorcerer HP: +2%
2 62 500 Rage Generation: +5.7% Increase Sorcerer HP: +2.5%
3 96 400 Rage Generation: +6.3% Increase Sorcerer HP: +3%
4 151 000 Rage Generation: +6.9% Increase Sorcerer HP: +3.5%
5 241 000 Rage Generation: +7.5% Increase Sorcerer HP: +4%

Runes and glyphs in this family

 raritynameslotprimary abilitysecondary ability
EpicAncestryRuneRage Generation: +5.4%
LegendaryAncestryRuneRage Generation: +7.5%Increase Sorcerer HP: +4%
MythicAncestryGlyphRage Generation: +10.5%Increase Sorcerer HP: +8%

Other legendary runes with rage generation

 raritynameslotprimary abilitysecondary ability
LegendaryAmmoRuneHunter Ammo Increase: +1Rage Generation: +4.5%
LegendaryAttitude!RuneIncrease Speed Demon Duration: +0.5sRage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryChain LightningRuneChain Lightning Chains: +1chainsRage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryCloakRuneCloak Duration: +1sRage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryDragon AttackRuneIncrease Dragon Attack: +2.4%Rage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryDragon HPRuneIncrease Dragon HP: +2.4%Rage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryFireballRuneFireball Damage: +20%Rage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryHunter AttackRuneIncrease Hunter Attack: +3%Rage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryHunter HPRuneIncrease Hunter HP: +3%Rage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryInvertRuneInvert Duration: +0.5sRage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryInvoker AttackRuneIncrease Invoker Attack: +3%Rage Generation: +3.9%
LegendaryInvoker HPRuneIncrease Invoker HP: +3%Rage Generation: +3.9%

Other legendary runes with increase sorcerer hp

 raritynameslotprimary abilitysecondary ability
LegendaryAspect Of FlameRuneIncrease Aspect of Flame Damage: +15%Increase Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryBalanceRuneDecrease Karmic Bolt Cooldown: -0.2sIncrease Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryBlood VortexRuneDecrease Blood Vortex Cooldown: -0.5sIncrease Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryBlowfishRuneIncrease Underwhelming Fireball Damage: +15%Increase Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryDrownedRuneIncrease Breath of the Drowned Duration: +0.75sIncrease Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryEarthen FuryRuneDecrease Earth's Judgement Cooldown: -0.75sIncrease Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryJusticeRuneIncrease Celestial Justice Duration: +0.75sIncrease Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryLibraryRuneDecrease Solar Strike Cooldown: -0.5sIncrease Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryOfferingsRuneIncrease Butterfly Effect Duration: +0.75sIncrease Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryOpulenceRuneDecrease Shining Splendor Cooldown: -0.5sIncrease Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendaryShoreRuneIncrease Sand Blast Damage: +15%Increase Sorcerer HP: +4%
LegendarySorcerer AttackRuneIncrease Sorcerer Attack: +4%Increase Sorcerer HP: +2%