namerewardprobability*durationstars# dragonsdragon tierspecific dragon
Wise TriumvirateXP Potion0.348%8h43Vanguard
Wise TriumvirateXP Potion0.348%8h43Empyrean
Wise TriumvirateXP Potion0.348%8h43Abyssal
Wise TriumvirateXP Potion0.348%8h43Eldritch
Wise TriumvirateXP Potion0.348%8h43Verdant
Wizardry SchoolXP Potion0.348%4h23GreenMunin
Zephyr's GiftPlatinum Chest0.348%1d64(any)Zephyr

*Note that the probability % is based on Empyrean+ level, where all quests are available. At lower level, the high tier quests won't be available and all other probabilities will increase.