namerewardprobability*durationstars# dragonsdragon tierspecific dragon
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h23Gold
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h23Platinum
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h23Sapphire
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h23Emerald
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h23Obsidian
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h33Harbinger
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h33Vanguard
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h33Empyrean
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h33Abyssal
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h33Eldritch
Magical SolutionsXP Potion0.337%4h33Verdant
Master of AbyssalXP Potion0.337%8h45Empyrean, Abyssal
Master of ArcanumXP Potion0.337%8h45Verdant, Arcanum
Master of BlueXP Potion0.337%8h33Blue
Master of EldritchXP Potion0.337%8h45Abyssal, Eldritch
Master of EmeraldXP Potion0.337%8h34Emerald
Master of EmpyreanXP Potion0.337%8h45Vanguard, Empyrean
Master of GarnetXP Potion0.337%8h34Garnet
Master of GoldXP Potion0.337%8h33Gold
Master of GreenXP Potion0.337%8h33Green
Master of HarbingerXP Potion0.337%8h45Obsidian, Harbinger
Master of ObsidianXP Potion0.337%8h35Emerald, Obsidian
Master of OrangeXP Potion0.337%8h33Orange
Master of PlatinumXP Potion0.337%8h33Platinum
Master of PurpleXP Potion0.337%8h33Purple

*Note that the probability % is based on Empyrean+ level, where all quests are available. At lower level, the high tier quests won't be available and all other probabilities will increase.